Frame to Frameset

It’s not just the frame, it’s the frameset. After production of the frame, we make it into a frameset in the Netherlands

We use powder coating to coat aluminium parts. The carbon fibre forks are 2K painted. In the coating process, first step is to mask off the parts where paint is not preferred, such BB thread and dropouts.

After preparing, a base coat is applied, followed by the final color. If the frame has multiple colors, this takes place in different steps, all are divided by a curing process in the oven. 20 minutes at just above 200 degrees Celsius.

After color coating, transfers are placed and clear coat is applied. The clear coat determines if the frame is matt or has a high gloss finish. A final time in the oven makes the frame ready to take the maskings off.

After coating, we do a check if the frame is according to our quality standards. This includes fitting of parts, but also the quality and placement of paint and transfers.

Part of this step is final machining process of the headtube and bottom bracket thread. on disc brake frames the mounting surfaces for calipers is checked and machined if necessary.

Make it a set
That makes the frame ready, but it’s not a set yet. We’re adding the fork, stem, ISP mast, and alle the other parts.

Which parts exactly, depends on the choices you make. We prefer to only send you the part you need, no pile of parts to end up on a shelf somewhere. If it turns out, at some point in the future, you need to have some other parts, we’ll make sure we have them on stock for you.

For the options in headsets, head over to our article on cable routing. For more info on cable guides, head over to our article on them.

We use 1 box for the framesets. It travels in the box from Taiwan to The Netherlands, get’s transported to the coater and delivered to you. It might have a few pre-used shipping stickers on it.

We’ll make sure the frame is packaged securely. Off to building your Raamwerk!