Our aluminum frameset is the epitome of ease, performance, and value. No more grappling with the high-maintenance demands of carbon – we bring you a road race bike that's ideal for your next race and perfect for group rides and all-day adventures.

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    With a pre-configured bike from Raamwerk, you can ride immediately, and feel assured that you can maintain it effortless and upgrade whenever you like.

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  • Framesets

    Don't need a complete bike, with a Raamwerk it is easy to build a complete bike if you have all parts laying around. Oh the fun of building your own bike.

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    At Raamwerk we stand for easy access to technical details, so it is effortless to maintain, repair or upgrade your bike. Ready for your next challenge!

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Meet the team

  • Picture this: Two passionate engineers, sitting at opposite desks at a big bike manufacturer in the Netherlands, and those two discuss their ideal roadbike.

    In the summer of 2020, we embarked on a thrilling journey, crafting our dream racing frameset, Raamwerk. We delved into brainstorming sessions and engaged our community, finding inspiration in riders' stories.

    In March 2023, Raamwerk became a reality, a frameset designed for racing and enabling riders to repair their own bikes.

  • Thijs Kremers

  • Gerben Bremmer

  • Richard; 'building my Raamwerk was a dream'

    'I've been building bikes for years. it can be a real drama to get the cables in place. On my Raamwerk frame, getting everything routed was a dream. Also; they supplied all extra parts that i needed to get my bike rolling.'

  • Karlijn; 'I never thought i'd enjoy cornering this much'

    'My Raamwerk is my fifth roadbike. On all previous bikes, cornering was not my favorite. I didn't expect the Raamwerk to make a real difference. As it turn out, it does! The higher stiffness of the frame gives me the confidence to throw my bike in the corners.'

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