• Picture this: Two passionate engineers, sitting at opposite desks at a big bike manufacturer in the Netherlands, and those two discuss their ideal roadbike.

    In the summer of 2020, we embarked on a thrilling journey, crafting our dream racing frameset, Raamwerk. We delved into brainstorming sessions and engaged our community, finding inspiration in riders' stories. 

    In March 2023, Raamwerk became a reality, a frameset designed for racing and enabling riders to repair their own bikes.

  • Gerben Bremmer

  • Thijs Kremers

Your right to repair is a top priority for us! We're all about making bike servicing enjoyable and straightforward, giving you the freedom to do it yourself if that's what you prefer.

  • Our philosophy

    Inspired by the 'right-to-repair' wave in tech, we set out to bring that same DIY magic to cycling. Back in the day, we'd tinker with bikes for ourselves, friends, and family. But the bike industry got all caught up in those teeny-tiny gains for the pros, and we kinda lost the joy in fixing our own rides.

    Enter Raamwerk, our dream frameset for all us non-pro riders! Let's be real, we don't need those ultra-light, marginal gains. We're all about stuff like sturdy frames, smooth rides, and bikes that can take a good beating. Oh, and guess what? We love a good race!

    So, here's the scoop: we've built our first frameset with race vibes, just for you. The result? A frameset that brings back the pure joy of being your own bike mechanic. Prep for your next adventure – whether it's a casual group ride, an all-day journey, or a race – becomes a breeze with Raamwerk. Be your own mechanic, ride like a pro, and let's roll!

Raamwerk is not related to Dutch bicycle manufacturer 'Van Raam'