How to order online

How to order online

All parts that belong on a bike are quite a few, from cables, hose, bearings till the latest bolt. With all the possibilities on different ways to build a bike, especially a Raamwerk where you decide how your bike is build, there are a lot of different products to chose from. As we have our full product database on our website we don't want it to be a challenge to find and order what you are looking for. 

Framesets and pre-congifured bikes

Our framesets and pre-configured bikes can be ordered through our webshop. Maybe you already tried to fill up your cart and were missing a couple of details that you would like to make known to us for building and delivering your bike. 

When a frameset or pre-configured bike is ordered through our webshop you will be contacted as soon as possible to complete your order with all details that are needed to get everything ready for shipment. 

For framesets we would for example like to know what stem length you like or what kind of cable route set you would like to have included. 

For pre-configured bikes we would like the same information as for a frameset, however we also would like to know your preferred crank arm length, cable routing, bottom bracket preference and your choice of chainrings and cassette. 

So now you know you will be contacted as soon as possible after ordering a frameset or pre-configured bike through our webshop.

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Custom builds

Read more on how to order a custom build right here, it will take you through the complete process of making your wishes known, till the very last detail of your dream bike. 

How to order a custom build →


Spare parts / merchandise

Spare parts can be ordered through our webshop without further information needed, fill up you cart and order away, we will make sure it ships as soon as possible. 

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