Your right to repair your bike

Your right to repair your bike

As a consumer, it can be frustrating to have your bike break down and not have the ability to fix it yourself. This is where the right to repair movement comes in. This movement advocates for consumers to have the ability to repair their own devices, rather than being required to rely on the manufacturer or a third party for repairs. With Raamwerk we bring this movement to the cycling industry.

We make it is easy as possible for you to work on your own bike. Professional mechanics love the steps we took as well, since it is easier, faster and cheaper for them to do maintenance, repairs and upgrades too.

Benefits of right to repair (tldr):

  1. Cost savings

  2. Compatibility of parts (+ necessary information available)

  3. Extended lifespan (+ additional environmental gains)

  4. Effortless maintenance (+ no expensive tools needed)

  5. Smooth upgrading

One of the significant benefits for consumers of the right to repair movement for road bikes is cost savings and compatibility of parts. Road bike repairs can be expensive, especially if you have cables and hoses neatly tucked away and hidden. With a Raamwerk you can choose if, and how much integration you want. It’s all possible, we recommend to not only look at estetics, but also at easy of maintenance.

We made the Raamwerk frames with the best and commonly used standards in the cycling industry. The compatibility of parts is made as large as possible. For instance, there are a load of different headset bearing sizes. We chose the IS52 standard for our bearings, partialy since it is the most commonly used for 1,5” headsets. This results in it being available from stock in a lot of bikeshops for a long time.

Another benefit for consumers is the ability to extend the lifespan of their road bike. With proper maintenance and repairs, a road bike can last for many years. However, if you are unable to access repair information or the necessary parts, they may be forced to replace their bike prematurely. By giving you the option to repair your own bikes, you can keep your bike in good working order for a longer period of time.

A Raamwerk has as little brand-specific parts as possible. Where we do use specific cableguides and other parts, you can find all information on how to mount them, what dimensions they have and where to order a new one on our website. Now, and for a long time. Sounds sensible right? This will result in Effortless maintenance. We made our products with as straightforward tools as possible in mind. You do need some standard-specific tooling, but we try to minimise this.

The open standards also result in smooth upgrading. Fancy a different crankset, new wheels, or any other part? We try and make it as easy as we can to let you enjoy mounting your upgrade

The right to repair can also have environmental benefits for consumers. Road bikes, like all consumer products, have a carbon footprint associated with their production, transportation, and disposal. By allowing consumers to repair their own bikes, we can reduce the number of bikes that end up in landfills and decrease the overall environmental impact of the road bike industry.

While there are valid concerns about the safety of self-repair, road bikes, especially those used for racing or other high-intensity activities, need to be in top condition to ensure the safety of the rider. However, with proper training and access to repair information and resources, consumers can safely and effectively maintain and repair their own bikes.

In conclusion, the right to repair within the road bike industry offers numerous benefits for consumers, including cost savings, extended product lifespan, and environmental sustainability. By giving consumers the ability to repair their own bikes, we can create a more sustainable and cost-effective cycling market.

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