Integrated Seat Post (ISP)

Integrated Seat Post (ISP)


The seatpost of your current bike (if you already own one). It is probably round, square or D-shaped, adjustable and a fair portion of it sticks into your frame. A clamp holds it in place. In a Raamwerk it is different. The seat tube (the tube from bottom bracket to the top tube) is extended and functions as a seat post as well. Add a seat mast (as the clamp on the top is called) and you can place your saddle on top of it. 

We enjoy looking at integrated seat posts. It keeps the busy intersection of 4 frame tubes a lot neater. Plus, it is way easier to make the seat post in the color of your frame, which looks rad! (If you ask us).

The ISP in a Raamwerk adds more stiffness to the frame which supports a feel of control during a ride. If you compare that to a traditional seat post which adds comfort with a loss in control. 

Of course, it isn’t our invention and we won't claim it as ours. Plenty of companies have done this. A short history of the ISP and some pros/cons have been written down in this Bikehugger blog post, which gives a pretty good idea of the invention.

It is still possible to adjust seat height as the seat mast  has also some build in adjustability. This seat mast is available in different version with difference in setback for the saddle, but also in difference of adjustability in height. Variable from 2 to 7 cm in adjustability.

Secret feature of the Raamwerk ISP

Maybe we don't meet eye to eye on the radness or the ride-feel of the ISP, we have a secret feature for you!

It is possible to order the frameset without ISP or if you have a frameset with ISP and don't like it for any reason. We can cut it off completely and you can use any standard 27,2 mm seat post from any brand you like. The way you are used to, with a seat post clamp

So as always with a Raamwerk, you can ride it however you'd like! 

We are looking forward on how you would build your Raamwerk.  

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