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Anti rattle hose protector

Anti rattle hose protector

A downside of having cables with no tention inside a frame tube, is that they might rattle around. On our frames, that generally only is the hydraulic line for the rear brake. To reduce the sound (and protect the hydraulic hose a little) we recommend to use our anti rattle hose protector or internal housing damper, hatever you want to call it. 

Each of our disc frames comes with this foam material hose. Feed your brake line through it and the noise your brake hose will create in the downtube is greatly reduced. 

If you have integrated your brake hose from your headtube, you could use the protector also in the headtube. not so much against noise, more against rubbing. a bit of extra safety. 

This replament part is 1 meter long. Since the longest of our downtubes is 80cm long, that should be sufficient. 

  • Outer diameter 10mm
  • inner diameter 6mm
  • Made for 4-5mm cable or hose
  • length; 1 meter

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