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 A stem in the color of your frame. 

Our stem is coated in the colors of the forks and transfers.

  • Grey without transfers

  • Dark blue with grey transfers

  • Light blue with grey transfers

  • Matt black with grey transfers


  • for 1 1/8 steerer tube

  • for ‘oversized’ handlebar, of 31,6mm diameter.

  • 6 degree design

  • Length options; 90 - 100 - 110 - 120mm

  • Material; aluminium

  • Finish; Anodized and coated

  • All bolts are for 4mm allen. To be tightened at 6Nm.

The stem always comes with a matt black anodized faceplate. This is not the same color matt black as the matt black stem, but matches best with most handlebars, as they are generally anodized, when in aluminium. 

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