ISO 4210 Compliance

The Raamwerk design team combined has a lot of experience in riding and building bikes, but also in designing bicycles. We did our research, and found what is our optimal racing bike. We are sure it is safe. Not just by experience, also doing tests. Computer simulations, bench- and real life testing.

After finishing the design, geometry, wallthicknesses and details, we had an expert in strenght analysis and FEM (finite element methode) help us out and do tests. This resulted in some minor changes to optimize peak forces through the frame and make sure the heavy repetative forces a rider can put on the frame are transferred to forward motion as optimal as possible.

FEm analysis of Raamwerk Frame

This resulted in the confidence to order tooling for all of the tubes. Since all Raamwerk tubes are specific for our frame, every tube needed specific tooling. If you like to read more on this process, head over to our tubes to frame article.

After manufacturing of the first few frames, they go on a pneumatic test bench, made to represent a full life span of heavy use. As a result of this test, the frame should not have any cracks or deformations. All our frame sizes and versions of the frames got a ‘pass’ as result for these tests. Since these tests have been executed by an ISO approved agency, giving all Raamwerk Frames, Forks and Stems the ISO 4210 okay, in the category 6, Road Racing bikes, made for speeds in access of 50 km/h.

Like we said before, don’t just believe us, we did our homework.