Integrated Seat Post (ISP)

The seatpost of your current bike. It is probably round, adjustable and a fair portion of it sticks into your frame. A clamp holds it in place.

We enjoy looking at integrated seatposts. You know, the ones where the seattube (from the bottom bracket to the toptube) is extended, and functions as a seatpost. It keeps the busy intersection of 4 frame tubes a lot neater. Plus, it is way easier to make the seatpost in the color of your frame, which looks rad!

It isn’t our invention, of course. Plenty of companies have done this. A short history of the ISP and some pros/cons have been written down in this Bikehugger blog post;

One of the mentioned downsides is the inability to raise your saddle, once the tube is cut. Luckily, bikehugger also mentions that seatmasts (or toppers, the part that connects the saddle to the seattube) exist at different heights. This way you could raise your saddle 5 cm extra, apart from the 2 cm that is provided by the standard seatmast we provide with our frames.

But there is more! If you don’t like the looks, the ride feel, or anything else about the Integrated seatpost, we can cut it off, and you can use any standard 27,2 mm seatpost. The way you are used to, with a seatpost clamp.