Aluminium to Frame

Once upon a time, in the bustling world of bicycle manufacturing, crafting a high-end aluminium frame was far more than simply welding a few tubes together. It was a meticulous dance of precision and ingenuity, a journey of discovery and innovation. Allow us to take you behind the scenes of the intricate process that brings a Raamwerk frame to life.

Tubes and Butting:
At the heart of every Raamwerk frame lies a carefully selected set of tubes, custom-made to our exact specifications. Each tube is meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between stiffness, weight, and manufacturability, ensuring that every frame is not only performance-driven but also affordable. Butting is a technique where the wall thickness of the tubes varies depending on its position, the outside diameter stays the same as the wall thickness varies. Butting is employed throughout the frame to optimize strength and functionality. From the seat tube, with its tailored butting to accommodate an integrated seat post, to the junctions where tubes meet and meld together, every detail is crafted for peak performance.

Welding and Aluminium Types:
Aluminium, with its myriad of alloys, forms the backbone of our frames. Crafted from 7005 aluminium alloy, renowned for its exceptional tensile strength and weldability, our frames embody a perfect blend of lightweight agility and uncompromising stiffness. Yet, the journey doesn't end with the selection of the alloy; it's merely the beginning of a precise welding process that transforms raw materials into precision-engineered bicycle frame. With each weld carefully scrutinised and perfected, our frames emerge as testaments to craftsmanship and dedication.

Heat Treatment and Aligning:
The journey doesn't end with welding; it's only the beginning of a transformative process. After the heat of welding, our frames undergo a rigorous heat treatment process, where they are subjected to intense heat in a specialised oven. This process, known as T4 treatment, not only homogenises the aluminium but also relieves internal stresses, ensuring that our frames possess unmatched durability and resilience. Yet, perfection is elusive, and so our frames undergo precise alignment to ensure every tube is in harmony, ready to conquer the road ahead.

Shot Peening, Another Heat Treatment, and Machining:
The quest for the ideal frame continues. Shot peening, a process where tiny steel balls are blasted onto the welds, further enhances fatigue strength, ensuring our frames can withstand the rigours of the road. Another round of heat treatment follows, fortifying our frames for a lifetime of adventures. Yet, the journey isn't complete without the machining of critical surfaces, where every thread and mounting surface is exactly as it is designed for seamless integration.

Check, Package, and Send:
At last, our frames emerge from the crucible of manufacturing, each one a testament to craftsmanship and dedication. But their journey is far from over. After undergoing a final inspection, our frames are carefully packaged and sent to our facilities in the Netherlands for finishing touches. It's here that they receive their distinctive coatings, transforming them from raw materials into a complete frameset ready to conquer the open road.

Thus, from humble beginnings to awe-inspiring masterpieces, the journey of a Raamwerk frame is a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection, where every weld, every tube, and every surface tells a story of passion and craftsmanship. Welcome to the world of Raamwerk, where innovation knows no bounds, and excellence is the only destination.